Deep sea fishing on the Swedish Westcoast

Welcome to Sweden and the westcoast a few mil north of Gothenburg. The fishing tours go from Marstrand, Rönnäng at Tjörn or Ellös at Orust.

Below you can see what is usually caught at the different seasons. If you wish to fish for specific species or a particular type of fishing so we are happy to help with organizing it.

Rockfish, Cod, Pollack, Saithe, flukefish etc..

Mackerel, Cod, Pollack, Dogfish, Flukefish, Saithe and some other.

Mackerel, Cod, Pollack, Saithe and some other.

When we engaged in sea fishing, we depart at 8.00 h in the morning and arrive between kl.16-17 in the afternoon.

When fishing after Rockfish we search the rocky bottom were the big ones are living. The season goes from April to May. Rockfish fishing is concentration-consuming and is done by driving the bottom angling with baited hooks.

Mackerel, we are looking for above plateau and edges where the mackerel are often chasing herring and love taking on our baits. The larger mackerel is chasing bigger herring at the bottom of about 35 meters deep. Greatest chance of capturing a large mackerel, it is in September.

Wreck Fishing offers usually on larger fish in the form of Cod, Pollack, Saithe, Ling and so on. In good conditions, there is very good chance to catch fish over 10 kilograms and we are usually caught fish between 3-10kg. Wreck fishing is over and on the sunken ship and the depths are between 60 to 200 meters deep.

Some of the latest big catch is Cod 22 kg, ling 3.8 kg, 10,7 kg Saithe, Rockfish 6.7 kg, 1.6 kg Mackerel, Dogfish 4.7 kg, 5.7 kg Pollack . Horse mackerel 0.7.

Other common catches at sea is weever, Haddock, horse mackerel, whiting, dab, plaice, Flounder and a handfull of other species.

A warm welcome to West Coast Sportfishing in Sweden and a fishing experience you won´t forget!!






Best regard´s/ Fishing guideMathias Ström
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