Lobster safari, and crab fishing with catch Guarantee
Welcome to Sweden and the west coast just north of Gothenburg and the hunt for crabs and sea black gold, lobster!

Follow us on an exciting crab and lobster fishing in the outer sea off marstrand, Tjörn and Orust. You may take part of a longstanding tradition with a knowledgeable skipper with long experience of fishing on the west coast.

You may draw up and check a number of lobster cages, which are placed on the old secure lobster locations. When we checked the cage we put in new bate like herring and mackerel which are lobsters and crabs favorite food. Then we set course towards the next cage which hopefully contains more fine lobsters and crabs.

The lobsters and crabs we catch we take with us into the hourbur where you may keep a lobster or crab per person.

Fishing trip takes approximately 3.5 hours and we usually get checked between seven and twelve cages.

A normal day's catch is between 2-7 hummrar and 15-40 crabs of 10 cages..

Fish trousers, gloves and other tools we use are included. If the weather is bad, we also have warm and safe survival suits for you.

A warm welcome to West Coast Sportfishing in Sweden! An adventure of a lifetime!


Best regard´s/ Fishing guide Mathias Ström
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