Flyfishing in lake or sea
Welcome to Sweden and fishing on the West Coast coastal few mil north of Gothenburg. Here we fish in the coastal band from boat, with belly boats or waders standing out in the water.

The beautiful lakes located few miles inland, we have the privilege to fish undisturbed and often completely alone. Enjoy the freedom and nature's silence. Here are offered frequently fisherman for visual contact with the fishermen when the dragon-fly and hunt insects on the water surface. It is often extremely exciting to put the flies on a mirror polished water with watchful trout at any time yawning over your fly.

Fly fishing is a very noble and wonderfully relaxing form of fishing. Any closer contact with the fish and the environment than this is hard to get. Fishing is from boats, belly boat or wade trousers standing to the waist in the water.

The season for fly-fishing stretches from April to September. In the sea we fish for sea trout and Garfish. In the well kept and beautiful lakes are a good stock of lake trout, char and rainbow trout.

Learn more about fly fishing, try belly boat fishing, fish shiny sea trout in the spring or summer trout well in the evenings and nights.

Welcome to West Coast Sportfishing, and an experience beyond the ordinary!

A warm Welcome!
Mvh / Fishing Guide Mathias Ström

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