Spinn and trolling on the west coast!
Welcome to Sweden and the West Coast a few mil north of Gothenburg. Follow us on spinning and trolling for sea trout, mackerel and garfish which is a "light fishing" with adapting equipment.

Fishing from a boat along with some of the best west coast fishing guides. Fishing takes place in the country near the west coast beautiful fjords with a very rich wildlife which we have from time to time joined by curious seals.

Sea trout fishing takes place from 1 April and a bit in June. We use trolling, spinning or fly fishing in shallow waters near the islands and beaches.

Fishing for Garfish takes place in May and a bit in June. Again, we use spin, fly or trolling with light equipment.

Mackerel is a good idea to spin fishin or deep sea fishing after and it is a really strong and joyfull fish to catch.

We fish half days and full days. During full-day fishing makes our beaches on a lovely island a nice place to enjoy some good food and drink

A warm welcome to West Coast Sportfishing!

Best regards / Fishing Guide Mathias Ström

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