Trolling fishing in lake Vänern and Vättern
Welcome to Sweden and a fishing experience you won´t forget.
In Vänern and Vättern which is about 1-1.5 hours drive north of Gothenburg we fish large salmon, trout and char.

We usually go from Mellerud, Dalbergså, Tösse, Åmål or from Spikens fishing camp on Kållandsö when fishing in Vänern. In Vättern we assume Karlsborg or Granvik located strategically to considering fishing and excellent accommodations for our guests.

Trolling which is the form of fishing we exercise here is an advanced form of fishing which, despite it's simple for anyone to exercise with the help of our skilled guides. We use 10 rods and baits at the same time wich is possible thanks to down riggers and planerboards.

We usually leave the harbor early in the morning and will return to the bridge forwards the afternoon or in the dark lowers itself.

Best time is September to May and the usual catch is 1 to 5 salmon per day with weights of up to about 8 kilograms and occasionally lands we fine salmon of ten kilograms and over.

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