100% freon free and eco friendly, approved with advanced safety technology for long lasting durability, includes plugs for both standard home outlets and 12V car chargers.



Mini Fridge 4 Liter/6 Can Skincare Fridge

The small refrigerator for bedroom allows your products down 15-20°C or warm them up to 55°C based on your ambient room temperature, cooling AC 0.7A, DC 3.3A, heating AC 0.63A, DC 2.7A.


Ice Makers Countertop, Portable Ice Maker

Thanks to the transparent cover on top, you can observe the ice making process. And our ice maker uses the most advanced infrared induction technology, whether it’s running out of water or the ice box reaching its maximum capacity, it will stop working and remind you to act accordingly.


Ice Maker Machine Self-Cleaning, 2 Sizes

Ever encountered a bullet-shaped ice cube? Try our product that will bring you a new experience. The ice makers countertop can produce about 26 pounds of ice per day. Only 6 minutes to produce 9 freezing ice cubes. Quick ice making and sufficient capacity allow you to enjoy the pleasure of chilling and cooling at any moment.


Self-Clean Electric Ice Maker Compact Potable Ice Maker

Have you experienced a new type of bullet ice cube? Our newly designed bullet-type countertop ice maker machine brings you a brand new ice cube experience. Ice machine countertop can produce about 26 lbs of ice per day. Only 8 minutes can produce 9 pcs delicious ice cubes, you can do it anytime you want. Chewable ice cubes are perfect for Drinks/Food/Seafood/Smoothies.

Our Customers Love Us!

"This is very convenient for trips like vacations to the beach, Camping, in a camper or RV. This puts out ice cubes quickly and fills the basket in minutes. Highly recommended!"

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